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Attorney Douglas Brown, Florida Consumer Litigation Attorney
Douglas B. Brown, PA
Attorney at Law
This website includes the basic information about my background and experience and references cases where I had substantial involvement.


After having been  fortunate enough  to spend 33 years with a truly great law firm, I decided  to start my own practice  focusing on the areas I have the most experience.  Because of my background working for the FTC, my primary focus has been on cases in which a party alleges unfair and deceptive acts or practices. The state statute — the Florida Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act  ( referred to as "FDUTPA ") —is modeled after the Federal Trade Commission Act.  The FTC has issued policy statements that define both unfairness and deception that are binding on Florida courts  based on the provisions of the state statute.

The vast majority of FDUTPA cases are brought as deception cases. The elements of a FDUTPA deception claim  require only an act, practice or omission that is likely to  mislead consumers ( including businesses) acting reasonably under the circumstances. The deception must be material — likely to influence a decision under  an objective standard.

Deception claims  are particularly powerful in class actions if the deceptive statement is material and wide spread such as advertising or labeling. Under those circumstances, the Federal  courts and to a lesser degree the state courts are likely to certify class actions because  widely disseminated  materially false statement would be presumed to raise the market price — injuring every purchaser who purchased the product  or service during the relevant time period.

Unlike common law fraud,  neither proof on intent to defraud nor reliance by the purchaser is required. A violation of the Act, that "aggrieves" a plaintiff ( more harm  than the general public) will trigger the right to declaratory and injunctive relief —- and probably an award of attorney fees. Generally, damages are limited to the difference between the value of the product or service as represented( the purchase price) and the value received. Consequential damages and  punitive  damages are not recoverable under FDUTPA but are recoverable for torts such as fraud.

The statute of limitations for a FDUTPA claim is  generally  4 years from the date of purchase. Some regulated industries are exempt from coverage and there are several other exemptions.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Other areas of interest to me  include the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ( TCPA). That statute protects consumers for unwanted and automated telephone calls and unsolicited faxes. The cases are generally brought as class actions. Any violation results in a minimum 500 dollar statutory damages and $ 1,500 for  intentional violations for each call or fax transmission.


Over 40 Years Experience in Consumer Litigation

10 years working for the Florida Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission

33 years with one of the leading Florida litigation defense firms

Speaking Engagements & Articles Written

  • Co-Author, "Significant FCC Ruling Distinguishes Online Fax Services Not in Violation of TCPA," December 2019

  • Author, "TCPA Fax Class Actions Could Be An Endangered Species," Law360, August 1, 2019

  • Speaker, "TCPA Litigation in Light of ACA International: Strategies and Practical Guide," The Knowledge Group Webinar, February 2019

  • "Tips for Young Lawyers: The Corporate Representative Deposition," Trial Advocate Quarterly, FDLA, Spring 2017

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  • Author, "Class Actions under the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991," 2010 Fall Issue, FDCC Quarterly

  • Health Care Antitrust, Federal Trade Commission — Special Commendation — 1986

  • "Florida Legislature Broadens the Scope of the Little F.T.C. Act," Florida Bar Journal — Author — 1993

  • Non-compete agreements for Lorman — Speaker

  • "Little FTC Act," for The Florida Bar — Speaker

  • Speaker, "False Advertising Class Action Litigation Under State Little FTC Acts," Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI), September 2013

  • Speaker, "Defense of Class Actions for False Advertising Under State Little FTC Acts," Retail Industry Leaders Association Annual Conference, Nov. 2012

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©2020 Central Florida Consumer Litigation,
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